Construction support

We support you from design to assembly.

Construction support

We will be pleased to contribute our experience in the creation of design concepts, the preparation of proposals for the choice of profiles, profile positions and the optimum laying of fabrics to your project and help you to make the best use of the design possibilities of FACID - the flexible façade.

Support in determining the membrane loads (only for static pre-dimensioning) as well as advice in the selection of profiles and the correct dimensioning of the substructure are also part of our service.

In addition, we help you with detailed questions in engineering planning and should our range of profiles not suffice, we will be happy to develop special profiles with you to put your ideas into practice.

If an order is placed, the processor have to prepare a test statics in which all loads, profiles, substructures, connections, etc. have to be verified separately. We will be happy to put you in touch with a statics office that has many years of experience with textile facades.