Close-up view of a PVC-coated polyester fabric in the color silver metallic
Innovative FACID 65 textile façade on the new surgery centre in Großhadern
Cladding of facade with textile façade FACID 65 at Eggersmann Küchen in Hiddenhausen


Depending on application and type of building, various fabric materials are available for textile facades. From pre-tensioned printable PVC fabric to high quality fibreglass fabrics for specifications with Fire Protection Class A2.

The perfect facade fabric for your purposes

The right material is available in many colours and various porosities for almost any purpose - e.g. for special cross-ventilation requirements in parking garage constructions.

Currently suitable for processing in the FACID tensioning mechanism are:

  • Pre-tensioned polymer-coated polyester fabrics
    These are high quality fabrics designed especially for the façades application. These materials offer a wide variety of colours, are extremely robust, durable, provided with a self-cleaning surface coating, digitally printable, non-flammable, drip-drying and 100% recyclable. In addition, artistic motifs or targeted corporate messages can be realised through the digital longlife printing of the fabric. Thanks to our Longlife printing process with a UV-protective coating, we can give a 10-year guarantee on the print.
  • PTFE coated fibreglass fabric
    These high quality fabrics are durable, possess a self-cleaning effect and are non-flammable.
  • Silicone coated fibreglass fabric
    These fabrics are extremely durable. Their dirt-repellent coating has a very good UV resistance and corresponds to fire protection class B1.