Cladding of facade with textile façade FACID 65 at Eggersmann Küchen in Hiddenhausen
Innovative FACID 65 textile façade on the new surgery centre in Großhadern
Mobile sunshade FACID Trimono with frame, basic profile and movable suspension
Cladding of facade with textile façade FACID 65 at the day care center airfield in Böblingen / Sindelfingen
Facade view of office building Xero disguised with textile facade FACID 65 in Wellington, New Zealand

New options for the façade

The idea of sustainable building increasingly involves the entire lifecycle of buildings. With this development, the demands for functionality and flexibility in façades also continue to increase.

The diverse textile façade

With FACID, the flexible façade, the external appearance of a building can be quickly and efficiently adapted to changing requirements without limiting its function – a key milestone on the path towards the transformative façade.

Be it for a suspended, rear-ventilated façade, integrated, active screening and sun shading, an additional decorative level or a combined façade, the FACID textile façade offers a wide range of design options by means of digital printing and three-dimensional malleability. A wide variety of fabrics is available depending on the application and building type. Further benefits of the new Schüco FACID façade solution include its durability, reliability and multifunctionality in application.

Based on the unique, patented FACID clamping system with impressive benefits for design and construction

Individual formats, free choice of installation direction and a high degree of design freedom for two and three-dimensional textile façades

Virtually unlimited design options through form, colour, individually printed fabric, 3D design or illumination

Long-lasting with low costs throughout the lifecycle of the building; easy adaptation of the corporate architecture due to simple replacement of the fabric

Effective weather protection, screening and sun shading with excellent views to the outside