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FACID Freestyle

The design textile façade in free, three-dimensional design.

FACID Freestyle - the façade system for exciting shapes

Both in the public sector as well as in new buildings for the private sector ever higher demands are placed on the architecture. A pronounced functionality is combined with an appealing, optimally unique look with a high recognition value. Added to this is the demand for high profitability, flexibility and increasingly sustainability. This applies also and especially to the façade design. The façade with its large area offers the opportunity to send a strong message in the sense of "Architectural Design", be it the corporate identity of a company, a brand promise or the manifold values ​​of public institutions.

With the textile façade FACID Freestyle you have the opportunity to span huge façade surfaces with high strength. Due to the deformability of the profiles in the longitudinal direction of organic forms, such as can be realized from a river.

Thanks to the patented and for many years globally proven "flexholder technique", different types of tissue can be clamped easily, quickly and with high strength. This makes us one of the leading providers in Europe and active worldwide through our distribution partners.

FACID Freestyle - Your most important advantages at a glance

  • Three-dimensional and organic façade designs are easy to plan and implement with FACID Freestyle
  • Innovative development of the textile facade system FACID 65
  • Profiles twisted around the longitudinal axis, adapted for a round tube substructure
  • Flexible façade solution with patented clamping technology for concealed, high-strength clamping of fabrics for different requirements
  • Functional advantages of a curtain-type, ventilated facade as weather, visual, solar or sound insulation
  • High flexibility due to easy replacement of the fabric when converting buildings
  • Extensive design possibilities through colored or individually printed fabrics, 3D constructions, transparency effects and creative lighting effects