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FACID Silence

The modular sound-absorbing textile façade with the well-known FACID clamping system.

FACID Silence - Sound reduction in modular design

Textile-covered FACID modules can visually enhance opaque fields in façades and at the same time contribute to noise reduction. An internal absorber element, in interaction with the pore structure of the fabric, reduces the sound reflection. FACID Silence absorbs up to 80% of the incoming sound and thus reduces the perceived noise level.

Absorbing components, in contrast to conventional components, absorb the sound instead of reflecting it. Open-pore materials absorb the vibration of the air as the vibration of the material. Passive sound insulation through integrated absorbent façade elements, reduce the propagation of sound in urban areas. An increased level of absorption causes a lower reflection of the sound, this reduces the sound propagation in streets, courtyards and parks.
Due to the pore structure, the mechanical energy of the sound is transmitted to the absorber in the form of vibrations and simultaneously reduced. The result: a reduced sound intensity, which is perceived as a lower noise level. FACID Silence façade elements are equipped with an interior, weather-resistant sound absorber, which consists of sintered expanded glass granules with a sound absorption coefficient of up to 80%.

FACID Silence – Ihre wichtigsten Vorteile im Überblick

  • Integrated sound-absorbing building façade: Passive sound insulation reduces the propagation of sound
  • Reduction of noise in the urban area by up to 6 dB in direct location on major roads and up to 10 dB in minor roads and courtyards
  • Use of opaque façade surfaces for sound absorption
  • Increasing the quality of life in cities and neighborhoods: The city becomes an attractive living space
  • Lower outside noise reduces indoor transmission: Noise reduction increases the comfort and health of affected people
  • Free design of the surfaces through different fabric colors and Longlife digital printing