Façade cladding with the FACID 65 textile façade on the Optics Balzers headquarters in Balzers, Liechtenstein
Innovative FACID 65 textile façade on the new surgery centre in Großhadern
Mobile sunshade FACID Trimono with frame, basic profile and movable suspension
Facade view of office building Xero disguised with textile facade FACID 65 in Wellington, New Zealand
Facade view Gotha Cosmetics in Bergamo, dressed with textile façade FACID 65

Design possibilities

Textile façades have a great design potential and provide the planner and designer with many options.

The textile façades of FACID can do a lot

Directions of installation and shapes

The design options are enormous due to the vertical, horizontal or diagonal direction of installation. The shapes of the textile sections can be designed as a rectangle, square, triangle, polygon, trapezium or in CNC-shaped solutions. In addition, the fabric structure can simply be shaped three-dimensional through metal structures affixed at the rear.


Covering of windows and builings

This option of coverage allows the creation of uniform and continuous facade surfaces while still maintaining the function of the windows. Furthermore, individual buildings differing in construction style and various window structures can be designed into one modern façade unit.


Partially transparent facings

The semi-transparent netting fabric provides interesting design options, e.g. for open staircases and technical enclosures. The covered areas are artistically improved, continue to be illuminated by daylight, protected from rain and snow and supplied with fresh air.


3D effects

As well as the diverse fabric colours (first level), attractive 3D effects can be achieved with the level behind the fabric (second level). Interesting Moiré effects can be created in sunlight with light background colours. If you desire a two-dimensional effect, you can choose a dark colour for the second level (e.g. dark grey).


Welding of fabrics

If areas are to be created which extend beyond the standard width of the fabric roll, the cloth can be welded together into larger surfaces by way of a high-frequency procedure. The weld seams are optically linear on the fabric as the fabric melts in the welding area.


Coloured fabric and prints

A large fabric colour range is available, organised by themes. If a special shade is required, it can be produced for you at a respective purchase amount. It is also possible to create artistic motives or specific corporate messages by digital printing of the fabric. With an additional UV-protective coating the life span of a motive can be further extended.



The semi-transparency of the fabric creates various options for lighting.

  • Frontal lighting
    The illumination of the textile façade from the front lets the fabric and the design, if any, clearly appear at night. The second level behind the fabric steps into the background.
  • Back lighting
    If the mesh grid textile façade is backlit, the second level behind the fabric comes to the fore. This effect can become so strong that nothing can be seen from the fabric in the first level and thus a very strong transparent appearance is created. This very creative effects can be achieved, but should be assessed in advance by a test setup.