Picture of joint profile FACID 65

FACID profile technology

Each of our FACID profile systems is based on the same tensioning system:

FACID works with the patented "flexholder technique" without hemstitches or other elaborate designs.

The FACID profile technology - The right profile system for every application

The reversible flexholders are simply clamped onto the pre-cut fabric and are subsequently clicked into the clamping channel of the profile. While other procedures achieve the tension only after subsequent movement of the profiles, the internal mechanism tensions directly and perfectly up to all corners and connections. Therefore it is possible to position the profiles exactly prior to tensioning and provide them with all connections; unsightly connections are finally avoided.

The advantages in the application of textile façades are also evident in the sector climate comfort, frequency neutrality and sound absorption. In terms of sustainable building the used profiles and fabrics are 100% recyclable.

FACID - The advantages of the system

  • Lightweight facade with minimal base weight
  • Simple and fast assembling, also at difficult to access sites, existing buildings or sensitive environments
  • Due to the reversibility easy to maintain
  • Clean separation and tested longevity of the materials
  • All FACID system profiles are statically calculated with a FEM software

The façade systems

Preview image Textile façade FACID 65: Connection situation with joint profile and closure profile


FACID – The first taxtile façade with Schüco quality



Profile FACID Freestyle - Average

FACID Freestyle

The design textile façade in free, three-dimensional design.


Rendering modular textile façade FACID M with basic profile and substructure with suspension


The frame system for modular facade solutions.


Profile FACID Silence - Average

FACID Silence

The modular, sound-absorbing textile façade with the familiar FACID clamping system.


Rendering movable sunshade FACID Trimono with frame, base profile and movable suspension

FACID Trimono

The creative solution for privacy and sun protection.