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FACID Freestyle

The design-oriented textile façade with a free, three-dimensional construction.

FACID Freestyle - the façade system for exciting shapes

The FACID Freestyle textile façade enables vast façade areas to be covered with high rigidity. The malleability of the profiles in the longitudinal direction make it possible to create organic forms like those in a river.

Ever greater demands are being placed on architecture, both in public buildings and with private newbuilds. Exceptional functionality must be combined with an attractive, ideally unique appearance with a high recognition value. Added to this is the requirement for high cost effectiveness, flexibility and, increasingly, sustainability. This also relates in particular to the façade design. With its large surface, the façade offers the chance to send a clear message with its architectural design, be it the corporate identity of a company, a brand promise or even the multifaceted values of public institutions.

The patented flexholder technology that has been tried-and-tested worldwide for years allows a wide range of fabrics to be clamped easily, quickly, and with high rigidity. We are one of the leading providers in Europe here and are active around the world through our distribution partners.

FACID Freestyle - Your most important advantages at a glance

  • Excellent design quality: easy to calculate, implemented reliably
  • Innovative components enable optimum, simple works planning: efficient thanks to prefabrication and quick installation without expensive special tools or machinery
  • Project-related consultancy and individual design support, as well as an installation support and personal training with certification if required