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FACID Silence

The modular, sound-absorbing textile façade with the familiar FACID clamping system.

FACID Silence - Sound reduction in modular design

Textile-covered FACID modules can enhance the appearance of opaque areas in façades while also contributing to sound reduction. In conjunction with the pore structure of the fabric, an internal absorber unit reduces the sound reflection. FACID Silence absorbs up to 80% of the incoming sound and thereby reduces the perceived level of noise.

In contrast to standard components, absorbing components take in the sound rather than reflect it. Open-pored materials absorb vibrations in the air as vibrations in the material. Passive sound reductions through integrated absorbing façade units reduce the spread of sound in urban spaces. An increased level of absorption requires the sound to have lower reflection. This reduces the spread of sound in streets, courtyards and car parks.
The pore structure means the mechanical energy of the sound is transferred to the absorber in the form of vibrations and simultaneously diminished. The result is a reduced sound intensity, which is perceived as a lower sound level. FACID Silence façade units are equipped with an internal, weather-resistant sound absorber, which is made from sintered blown glass granulate with a sound absorption level of up to 80%.

FACID Silence - Your most important advantages at a glance

  • Prefabricated FACID M frames enable fast and simple installation
  • The continuous, patented clamping technology ensures perfectly tensioned fabric areas
  • Fast fabrication is facilitated by the use of simple tools
  • Project-related consultancy and individual design support, as well as an installation support and personal training with certification if required